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Help to prevent unnecessary damage to your system and probes by ensuring you are using the correct manufacturer approved products.

Ultrasound Gel

Not all ultrasound gels are the same:

As an essentail part of performing an ultrasound exam it is important to use the right gel.

There are many different varieties available, (clear, blue, thick, thin, sterile) and they are not always suitable for your system.

For example; some gels contain alcohol which helps to maintain their shelf life, however alcohol will damage the probes over time.  Also some of the dye in the coloured gels can stain the probe and system.


Probe Covers

Help to protect your probes when doing FNA's

Many practices will use surgical spirit when doing ustrasound guided biopsies: firstly to avoid sample contamination with gel and secondly so the area remains sterile.

Contact with the alcohol can seriously damage you probes in the long term. A simple probe cover will help prevent unessessary damage and protect the probe.


Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes: No Alcohol Please 

Using the corect cleaning wipes will ensure your system and probes are kept clean. 

In the recent years we have seen unessessary damage cased to system and probes by using the incorrect cleaning products. Often high level disifectant solutions which contain a high level of damaging chemicals especially to the delicate rubber membranes on the probes.


As an OEM supplier we are best placed to advise on the correct consumable items to use with your Esaote equipment.

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