Equine Ultrasound systems

In modern equine healthcare, ultrasound plays an important role in tendons, the spine, reproduction, the abdomen, and cardiology,

Explore the Advancements in Equine Ultrasound Systems

The evolution of ultrasonography in large animals, initially focused on pregnancy detection, has witnessed remarkable progress.

Today, veterinary professionals regularly employ ultrasound systems for comprehensive imaging of equine patients.

Our equine ultrasound systems boast dedicated presets and probes designed to facilitate thorough scans of various anatomical structures, including:


Musculoskeletal System: Shoulder, Elbow, Stifle, Tarsus/Metatarsus, Carpus & Fetlock

Ultrasound-Guided Injections (with available needle guides)

Head, Neck & Cervical Facets

Reproductive System

Back, Pelvis & Sacroiliac



Heart and Vascular System


Stay at the forefront of equine veterinary care with our advanced ultrasound technology, tailored to meet the diverse imaging needs of your equine patients.



Equine Ultrasound systems

Mylab X1 VET

Mylab X1 VET

Mylab Sigma Vet

Mylab Sigma Vet

Equine Metacarpal Scanning Poster

Equine Metacarpal Scanning Poster

Mylab Omega VET

Mylab Omega VET

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What our clients say

System Training

I just wanted to thank you very much for your visit yesterday. It was a great help, and thank you for being so informative and patient.

Vet Nr Stoke-onTrent

MyLab X8

Our recent purchase of the MyLabX8 was our second ultrasound set-up provided by Imotek. Firstly Mike and then more recently Jerry, have provided solid advice and exemplary service level.  We were unsure as to whether to spend the extra to take the X8 but six months in, it is clear that the X8 has helped us to progress our scanning abilities to new levels.

Tim - Temple End Vets

New System Delivery & Training

Thank you so much for your time today - you were absolutely brilliant and we are all so excited to get going and use the machine!

Anon - Vet

Equine MyLabOmega

I’m please to say that I’m absolutely delighted with my new system! Brilliant image, user friendly & fantastic interface!

Amazing machine and service best to none.

MyLabSix Customer, Redhill



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