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In-Plane Ultrasound Needle Guide – Ultra-Pro™

CIVCO’s Needle Guidance System utilizes a two-part system consisting of custom reusable bracket and the disposable snap-on needle guide called Ultra-Pro II. Multi-angle brackets offer professionals different angles for instrument placement. The Ultra-Pro II needle guide incorporates flexibility and advanced features to increase productivity during ultrasound-procedures such as tissue biopsy, fluid aspiration and catheter placement. The Ultra-Pro II guide features a large tab for improving quick-release function, allowing easy detachment of the needle from the transducer. Easy-to-read gauge size on the inserts make it simple to identify and alter gauge size in a darkened ultrasound suite. The guide features a large funnel for instrument insertion and will accept a range of sizes including: 8.5FR, 14-23GA (19 GA not available). Other CIVCO Ultra-Pro style needle guides are compatible with Ultra-Pro II brackets including; Ultra-Pro e™ and Ultra-Pro 3™. Sterile procedure kits contain; Ultra-Pro II needle guide, transducer cover, gel packet and colored elastic bands. Brackets should be cleaned and disinfected according to your CIVCO User’s Guide

  • Accurate needle path with on-screen guidelines offers physicians real-time visualization ensuring patient safety throughout the procedure. 

  • Reduces technique variability providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time.

  • Repeatable, easy-to-use “quick-release” feature for detachment of guide provides physician flexibility during puncture procedures.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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