Veterinary MRI - Equine MRI

G-Scan Vet Equine MRI


G-ScanVet, the world’s first ROTATING Veterinary MRI scanner designed specifically for horses, providing a flexible solution to your equine imaging challenges.

  • Exquisite head, neck, limb and stifle images
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can be installed within an existing room
  • 220-volt power source

The system has been purposely designed for veterinary applications with veterinary software, terminology and image orientation. The system provides a wide range of pre-programmed protocols that are optimised for veterinary requirements. It also offers the possibility to create customised protocols, according to specific clinical needs.

The G-ScanVet Rotating System delivers superb diagnostic images to the practitioner who needs clear answers to problems in the foot, carpus, tarsus, hock, brain, sinus & neck with remarkable cost effectiveness and ease of use.

Some of the confirmed diagnoses available with MRI include the following:

  • Deep Digital Flexor Tears
  • Navicular Syndrome
  • Palmar Foot Pain
  • Bone Cysts
  • Bone Fractures
  • Lesions

The G-ScanVet has a wide opening; ensuring animal handling is extremely easy, even for very large animals.

Patient positioning is made easier and quicker because of the real-time imaging tool located on the front of the magnet. It produces instant images and continuously visualises the area of interest. This allows the user to ensure the position of the patient is optimal before starting the scan. 

The G-ScanVet can also be used as a small animal MRI system offering further flexibility of use.


  • Rotating open, C Shaped, permanent magnet.
  • Magnet field: 0.25T
  • FOV: 250mm
  • Shielding - Esaote Pavilion - allows viewing from anywhere outside the RF room. Or custom size RF shielded room
  • Electrical requirements: <3 kW (single phase-220V)

Affordable Investment

No special cooling needed
Standard power requirements
Easy siting in existing facility

User Friendly

Fast & easy patient positioning
Continuous visualization
Open construction for easy patient access
Veterinary protocol operating system

High Performance coil family 

Exquisite head, neck, limb and stifle images
Full DICOM connectivity IHE Compliant


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