Veterinary Ultrasound - Refurbished / Ex-Demo

MyLabFiveVet veterinary ultrasound


The Esaote MyLabFiveVet developed specifically for veterinary ultrasound users, combines flexibility and portability with excellent image quality. 

It is available as portable system, or as a mobile unit when fully integrated into a trolley. 

The revolutionary ergonomic design of the MyLabFive Vet allows the system to be used when and where it is needed. The 15inch non-reflective TFT flat screen, optimized for use in daylight, and full keyboard assure you that the compact dimensions is not at the expense of convenience and functionality. 

The MyLabFive Vet is based on Esaotes modular architecture and is fully configurable to the individual needs of the user. It is easy to upgrade from a black and white system with options such as, Colour Doppler, Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Doppler and Cardiology, making it the ideal starter system.

The system delivers high performance in many applications: Abdominal, Cardiology, Equine Tendon, and Reproduction. 

It offers the ultimate flexibility required in contemporary clinical setting, with no concessions to the required performance needed for high-quality patient care. 


  • Veterinary ID display, including veterinary DICOM fields 
  • Specific veterinary body marks 
  • Veterinary measurements and test packages such as foetal age for small and large pets
  • Specific veterinary transducers 
  • Integrated USB ports (3 pieces) for fast and easy storage of images and clips in BMP, AVI or DICOM format. 
  • TP-View and B-steering     
  • Optional wireless technology for connecting peripherals 
  • MyLab Desk PC Software. (Compatible PC required)


System Configuration

  • Dedicated veterinary software
  • 9 Kilograms
  • 15" high-brightness TFT flat screen 
  • B, B/B, B/M, M-Mode, 
  • Colour and Power Doppler
  • PW and Steerable CW Doppler
  • Integrated Stress-Echo
  • Zoom and Post Zoom modes 
  • Application specific measurements
  • Individual user presets for each application
  • Real Time Archiving
  • 200+ GB Hard drive
  • Connectivity: USB, CD, LAN 

Imotek holds a large stock of ultrasound equipment to enable quick and efficient delivery.

Our aim is to deliver your system as soon as possible.

The ultrasound will be hand delivered by one of our sales team who will provide system training on the day of delivery.


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