Veterinary Ultrasound - Equine

MyLab Alpha Equine Ultrasound

Defining a new standard in equine portable ultrasound

The MyLab™Alpha available from Imotek is the latest addition to Esaote’s ultrasound range, defining a new standard in high end portable systems. The Alpha is Esaote’s laptop-sized ultrasound machine, offering features and performance not seen on portable systems.

It is the first of its kind with a 16-inch LCD monitor that tilts and swivels 180°. There is a HD touch screen on the main user interface and two active probe ports which is hard-to-find on similar systems.

Esaote was able to miniaturise its high-level ultrasound platform to fit an extremely compact and light case without compromising performance. Extended transmission frequency, high sensitivity Power Doppler technology and advanced algorithms allow a detailed and precise diagnosis.

Esaote’s high performance iQProbes are combined with specific image processing algorithms such as XView and MView to deliver detailed images with clear anatomical structure differentiation.

The MyLab Alpha has been designed to help deliver high quality images and improve patient through-put. At the core of these systems is Esaote’s e-touch™ and SmarTouch™ features. By simply pressing these customizable smart keys, a user can enter an environment where personal settings, complex functions, annotations and measurements can be stored and easily recalled during the examinations. This allows a standard ultrasound system to become someone’s personal diagnostic tool.

The MyLab Alpha is equipped with eHD, Esaotes new innovative technology which optimises all the aspects of the ultrasound signal chain. It increases the efficiency of ultrasound scanning by maximising signal information with lower power consumption. This improves overall image quality and providing enhanced diagnostic value.


  • Wide format 180° swivel Hi-Res LCD 16:10 Colour Monitor
  • Interactive Hi-Res touch screen
  • Simple control panel and easy access to main functions
  • Intelligent configuration - flexible protocols and custom profiles can be preset for different users and different scanning environments providing optimal settings for any clinical situation.
  • Customizable smart keys – create shortcuts for fast & effective scanning
  • eHD technology – maximising the efficiency of the ultrasound
  • Stand-by mode allows for fast booting
  • Internal Battery
  • iQProbes - extended bandwidth probes
  • Visual comparison - to simultaneously compare saved images/clips from different patient exams
  • Easy networking, standard and wireless
  • 4 USB ports, integrated CD/DVD driver


System Configuration

  • Tissue Enhanced Imaging (TEI), Harmonics 
  • TP-View for enlarged field of view with Linear Probes 
  • Compass M-Mode (CMM) - Anatomical M-Mode 
  • X-View Image Enhancement & Speckle Reduction with real-time adaptive 
  • M-View - combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging to detect all anatomical structures 
  • Tissue Velocity Mapping (TVM) for LV motion analysis
  • VPan - eXtended field of view 
  • Advanced CnTI™ - Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures
  • XStrain™ - Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation
  • XStrain™4D - Strain-Strain Rate top volumetric analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation
  • ElaXto – Elastosonography, a non-invasive method to assess tissue elasticity 
  • Extended export capability: PC (Windows®, Mac®), mobile devices
  • Easy networking, standard and wireless
  • 4 USB ports, integrated CD/DVD driver
  • DICOM compliant
  • MyLab™Desk3 software package for image management solution. Compatible PC required

Imotek holds a large stock of ultrasound equipment to enable quick and efficient delivery.

Our aim is to deliver your system as soon as possible.

The ultrasound will be hand delivered by one of our sales team who will provide system training on the day of delivery.

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