Veterinary Ultrasound


High performance diagnostic ultrasound for the equine specialist.

Tringa Linear Equine

Portable ultrasound for dedicated equine reproduction scanning.

MyLabOne Vet Equine Ultrasound

Highly portable equine ultrasound scanner.

MyLab Delta Equine

The MyLabDelta is a new, robust and easy to clean system that is both portable and affordable.

MyLab Gamma Equine Ultrasound

Compact & Complete Dedicated Equine Ultrasound

MyLabSix Equine Ultrasound

High Performance Equine Ultrasound

MyLab Alpha Equine Ultrasound

Defining a new standard in equine portable ultrasound

MyLab Seven Equine Ultrasound

The Imaging Expert's Choice

MyLabClass C Vet Equine Ultrasound

High performance hospital based equine ultrasound system.

MyLab Twice Vet Equine Ultrasound

Premium veterinary ultrasound system offering exquisite image quality, unique features and technologies.

MyLab Eight eXP

Empowered Experience in Ultrasound

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