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Advanced Ultrasound Features

The features are model dependent


TEI (Tissue Enhancement Imaging) is using Harmonic Imaging technology that includes pulse inversion capability. TEI (Tissue Enhancement Imaging) improves the signal-to-noise ratio and enhances contrast resolution allowing the visualizationof a high level of detail, even in difficult-to scan patients. The superb contrast and detailed resolution of TEI technology is based on the information always present in returning echoes.


MView is an ultrasound technique which applies beam-line steering and acquires several coplanar scans of an organ from different view angles. Improves image quality by reducing artifacts, shadowing and speckles. Available with all linear and convex/microconvex transducers.

XView / XView+

XView / XView+ enhances the pattern of every frame at the pixel level, eliminating speckle and noise artifacts, dynamically enhancing tissue margins, improving tissue conspicuity and increasing diagnostic confidence through real-time adaptive algorithm.


AutoAdjust enables the automatic adjustment of Imaging (including CnTI), and Doppler parameters at the press of a button. eScan: AutoAdjust Real-time Automatically calibrate the US Image Gray level continuously without the need to repetitively push the <AUTO> button on control panel. Different algorithm calibrations are available for Cardiac and GI/OBGYN applications.


eSpeed: speed of sound regulation Possibility to modify the speed of sound value, in order to have better focalization on the lateral direction. eSpeedindex range from -14 (1400 m/s) to 16 (1800m/s).


The MyLab context-sensitive user interface is designed to make imaging tasks simpler and quicker. While automated settings manage routine clinical needs, clinicans always retain control over all imaging parameters. The EasyMode onscreen boosts workflow and efficiency By helping clinicans through the exam, it allows you to adapt and operate the system within a few seconds.

EasyMode is an unique feature which allows clinicans to optimize the image more quickly by operating with three simple slide keys :

  • From Resolution to Penetration, manage the frequencies and enhancement automatically.
  • From Contrast to Soft, manage the image dynamic’s parameters.
  • From Smooth to Sharp manage the xView algorithm


The EasyMode philosophy becomes available also for colour mode CFM, allowing user to adjust the colour signal by operating on three sliders:

  • From Superficial to Deep, to manage colour frequency
  • From Fast to Slow, to manage PRF, wall filter, persistence
  • From Large to Small, to manage HDCFM, color smoothing and density


Vascular automatic optimization that corrects the position and angle of colour box and position and sample volume following the course of the vessel. Available in B+CFM, B+CFM+PW.


Automatic correction of the doppler angle, box position and steering, sample volume position and steering, for a fast and optimized calculation. Available on convex, linear and phased array probes.


TPView enlarges the field-of-view without losing resolution and extending structures in vascular and musculoskeletal applications.


VPan (Panoramic Imaging) merges multiple B-Mode images in one complete panoramic image extending the field-of-view to entire organs.

Directional Power Doppler


  • VeloPower - Directional Power Doppler
  • Automatic algorithm for noise rejection
  • 9 Power maps


XFlow technology provides extraordinary flow sensitivity and spatial resolution. XFlow gives direct visualization of blood echoes, extending the wideband resolution, high frame rate and wide dynamic range of blood flow. High sensitivity in detecting slow flow.


The latest technology from Esaote that automatically recognizes the lowest speeds with ultra-sensitivity for small vessels and slow flow detection. The benefits include:

  • Tiny and slow flow vessel detection (more than standard modalities)
  • Movement artifacts suppression
  • No B-Mode interferences on Doppler based signal
  • Representation of pure Doppler information (no noise related to hyperechoic structures)

Needle Enhancement

Esaote’s Needle Enhancement Technology makes the needle especially visible during angled needle insertions for different clinical procedures. Esaote’s advanced detection and visualization technology makes the needle clearly distinguishable from the surrounding tissues while maintaining top image quality of the target.


CnTI (Contrast Tissue Enhancement Imaging) is using Contrast Harmonic imaging. Contrast Tuned Imaging used in combination with ultrasound contrast agents enhances the B-Mode imaging modalities in Low MI (Mechanical Index) with real-time techniques:

  • Combination of Low MI and High MI for maximum performances and customization of the workflow


The QPack is a quantification tool fully integrated in the ultrasound. Quantification like curve analysis of Contrast Perfusion (Wi/Wo) are plotted in Time on a graph using information coming from a generic sequence of frames and included in some ROIs defined by the End User


  •  Includes FreeHand 3D function to manage volumetric acquisition and postprocessing 3D with conventional transducers:
  • Volume data acquisition
  • Multiplanar layout with rotating planes
  • TMI (Tomographic Mode Imaging)
  • Volumetric transducers management:
  • TMI (Tomographic Mode Imaging)


ElaXto allows you to perform elastosonographic analysis of the tissues. Elastosonography is a technique that gives information on the tissue elasticity by colour coding an area of interest. Measurements are available:


The QElaXto application allows to perform a Quantitative Elastosonographic analysis of tissue. While ElaXto gives information on the tissue elasticity by a qualitative analysis,

Quantitative Elastosonography (QelaXto) measures tissue elasticity based on the Shearwave propagation speed (m/s) and the Young’s modulus (kPa) calculation.

Virtual Biopsy

Virtual Biopsy combined with Intelligent Positioning increases confidence during ultrasound real-time biopsy procedures, thanks to virtual tracking of the needle. The physical needle is highlighted by a virtual needle on the real-time ultrasound image with complete 3D representation of the probe, scanning plane and pathway to the target. Compatible with CIVCO e-TRAX, CIVCO VirtuTrax support.

Fusion Imaging

The combination of US with reference second modality images allow the user to gain confidence in assessing the morphology in US images, especially in difficult-to-scan patients. Different kits available:


TVM (Tissue Velocity Mapping) provides a complete Wall Motion Analysis for both systolic and diastolic myocardial function evaluation.

  • TVM is a Doppler-based technique that provides color-coded information of Myocardial tissue velocities


  • CMM (Compass M-Mode) allows clinicians to correct M-Mode line position to optimize tracing acquisition, even when the position of the heart is not perpendicular to the ultrasound beam. Up to three independent lines in real-time


XStrain allows clinicians to quantify endocardial velocities of contraction and relaxation and local deformation of the heart (Strain/Strain rate)

  • Based on 2D speckle tracking technology


XStrain4D creates a volumetric model of the left ventricle (LV) based on the acquisition of standard apical views

  •  LV surface rendering and reconstruction


Stress-Echo allows clinicians to acquire multiple views of the Left Ventricle under

stress, using customizable protocols

  • Real-time 2D loops digitally synchronized with the ECG trace


AutoEF automatically detects and track the LV endocardial border to calculate LV

Volumes (Diastolic Volume Systolic Volume) and EF (Ejection Fraction).


Left Ventricle Opacification (LVO) Software Uses low mechanical index ultrasound to interact with 2nd generation contrast agents to enhance LV visualization in difficult to scan patients.


HyperDoppler is Esaote’s advanced imaging tool for the investigation of the intracardial flows intended to provide, in addition to the conventional echocardiographic parameters, a better understanding of cardiac physiological or pathological state. HyperDoppler is based on Colour Doppler Flow Mapping (CDFM) technology. It provides different map representation to highlight the intracardiac flow properties:


  • Dedicated Libraries for equine tendon
  • Live Preview feature allows to scan in real-time while using anatomical references and scanning guidance

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