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MyLab Omega VET

MyLab™Omega VET is the latest in high-end portable veterinary ultrasound, with an innovative and ergonomic design. It delivers top level performance, in all applications. Built on a new electronics platform, it delivers unsurpassed levels of accuracy, quality, versatility, and value.


Omega System Features

Large 15.4” Monitor  180° rotation & full screen visualisation option
2 Probe Connectors
Extensive Connectivity USB, LAN, Wi-Fi
Large Internal Hard Disk
New PC with GPU technology for faster processing speeds
New capacitive touch screen for improved response
Simplified User Interface Improving workflow & efficiency
One-Click Automation
Dedicated Veterinary Software
Multi-Modality Archive Multimedia, native, DICOM*


Included as Standard

General Imaging Licence - Abdominal presets, measurements & PDF reports
X-View Licence - Advanced image enhancement & speckle reduction software
M-View  - Multi-planar compound imaging
Tissue Enhanced Imaging - Harmonic imaging
Clips Archiving Licence - Video Storage
Colour Doppler, PW & CW Doppler, Power Doppler
MyLab DeskEVO - Offline review software for PC (Min PC spec required)
Wireless* Licence - Exports images over a Wi-Fi network

Options Include

Multiple Transport & Trolley Options; Folding trolley, roll stand, rucksack, suitcase
Battery Kit - Boot time less than 15 Sec from battery stand-by mode
Cardio Licence - Cardiac presets, measurements & PDF reports
  • Tissue Doppler Inc with Cardiac Licence
  • Compass M-Mode Inc with Cardiac Licence
ECG Cable
MSK Licence - Equine tendon presets, measurements & PDF reports
DICOM* Licence - Exports images in DICOM format
AutoEF Licence - Automatically calculates the ejection fraction
Additional Advanced Tools - Inc Strain Rate, Elastography, Contrast, 3D/4D



MC 3-11      Micro-convex 11R 3.0 - 11 MHz

AC2541       Convex 50mm 1.0 - 8.0 MHz

L 4-15          Linear 50mm 4.0 - 15 MHz

SL2325        Linear 40mm 6.0 - 18 MHz

SL3116        Linear 15mm  10 - 22  MHz

P 1-5           Phased Array 1.0 - 5.0 MHz Single Crystal

2-9           Phased Array 2.0 - 9.0 MHz Single Crystal

P2 5-13        Phased Array 5.0 - 13 MHz

SV3513       Rectal Linear 50mm  5.0 - 10 MHz




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