Veterinary Ultrasound

Accessories & Consumables

Imotek has in stock most commonly used ultrasound consumable items.

Echocardiography Table

Two types of Echocardiography table, a fixed type and a folding type, sold by Heart Vets.

Green Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free (P00190) Disinfectant Wipes

PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST CORONA VIRUS Alcohol Free disinfectant wipes with proven effectiveness against over...

Amber Standoff

Standoff for 40mm & 50mm Linear Probe

Pasante Probe Covers PRO001

Non-lubricated and Non-sterile Ultrasound Probe Covers.

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 9630028000

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabFive / MyLab25 / MyLab30 / MyLab40 / MyLabEight

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 141003100

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabAlpha / MyLabSeven / MyLabDelta / MyLabGamma / MyLabSix

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 140029200

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabSigma / MyLabX5 / MyLabOmega / MyLabX7

Croc Clip Adaptors

This item is no longer available. Recommended alternative is the Universal ECG VET clips

In-Plane Ultrasound Needle Guide – Ultra-Pro™

For use with Esaote SC3123 ultrasound transducers

Ultra-Pro II™ Disposable Replacement Kits

The Ultra-Pro II needle guide now incorporates more flexibility and advanced features to increase productivity during...

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Features applicable for the increasing demand for MSK ultrasound in Veterinary medicine

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