Veterinary Ultrasound

Accessories & Consumables

Imotek has in stock most commonly used ultrasound consumable items.

Echocardiography Table

Two types of Echocardiography table, a fixed type and a folding type, sold by Heart Vets.

Green Sani-Cloth Active Alcohol Free (P00190) Disinfectant Wipes

PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST CORONA VIRUS Alcohol Free disinfectant wipes with proven effectiveness against over...

Amber Standoff

Standoff for 40mm & 50mm Linear Probe

Pasante Probe Covers PRO001

Non-lubricated and Non-sterile Ultrasound Probe Covers.

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 9630028000

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabFive / MyLab25 / MyLab30 / MyLab40 / MyLabEight

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 141003100

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabAlpha / MyLabSeven / MyLabDelta / MyLabGamma / MyLabSix

ECG Cable for Esaote MyLab 140029200

Suitable for the following Esaote Systems: MyLabSigma / MyLabX5 / MyLabOmega / MyLabX7

Croc Clip Adaptors

This item is no longer available. Recommended alternative is the Universal ECG VET clips

In-Plane Ultrasound Needle Guide – Ultra-Pro™

For use with Esaote SC3123 ultrasound transducers

Ultra-Pro II™ Disposable Replacement Kits

The Ultra-Pro II needle guide now incorporates more flexibility and advanced features to increase productivity during...

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Features applicable for the increasing demand for MSK ultrasound in Veterinary medicine

DustCover for Ultrasound

Lightweight Dust Cover for Esaote MyLab Veterinary Ultrasound Systems

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