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O-Scan Equine MRI

The O-Scan Equine is a dedicated veterinary MRI system specifically designed for diagnosing equine lameness. It is a highly cost effective solution, able to deliver superb image quality.

Designed around a third generation dedicated magnetic resonance imaging system specifically built for imaging extremities the O-scan Equine combines excellent MRI capabilities, enhanced productivity, full connectivity and superior cost-effectiveness.

The system features a very compact magnet and covers foot, pastern, fetlock and carpus imaging areas.  Hock* and High hind suspensory* (*dedicated patient table required) 

System features:

  • Maintenance-free open permanent magnet
  • RF Shielding cage not normally needed (survey required)
  • Very compact, installation space
  • Low Power Consumption: only 1 Kw normal 220 single phase power outlet
  • Complete set of dedicated optimized DPA coils
  • Full set of pre-defined sequences and protocols
  • User defined sequences and customized examination protocols
  • Multi planar scout
  • Windows based user interface

It is light weight, self-shielded and has been designed for the office / OR environment

The O-scan equine system is composed of three separate components: operator console with CPU and monitor, electronics cabinet, and magnet gantry

The low weight and extremely small 5 gauss footprint makes the O-scan the only MRI system that can be installed in virtually any office or practice.

The operator console, featuring a Windows interface, can be located either in or outside the room.

O-scan Equine MRI Magnet

The O-scan magnet is a powerful, high resolution, small magnet that is extremely lightweight and has a negligible magnetic fringe field. The magnet features a sleek, scalloped shape design.

  • Field strength: 0.31T
  • Opening Size: 18 x 34 cm / 10 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 1.240 kg / 2,733 lbs Magnet unit, electronics unit, operating console and three people (pavilion excluded)
  • 5G Line (from Isocenter) : X: 67 cm / 26", Y: 75 cm / 29", Z: 105 cm / 41"
  • Environmental: Internal Thermostatic Control System

The Gantry and RF System

The O-scan gantry features a self-centring RF coil positioning system with coil auto recognition, optimizing image quality and an LCD monitor on the backside of the gantry for fast and efficient patient positioning. The unit also features a unique internal RF shielding design, eliminating (in most cases) the need for a dedicated RF room.

Image Display System

The advanced technology platform uses an industry standard Medical Windows operating system. The Windows user interface is extremely easy to use, yet fully featured, with fast image reconstruction and powerful display functions.

Equine MRI Imaging Sequences – Software release 3.X E-MRI Brio

The O-scan has been developed solely to image the equine extremities. By using advanced MR imaging sequences, patient throughput is fast and efficient and routine exams of 20 minutes or less can be achieved.

Pulse Sequences:

  • Spin Echo (SE)
  • Half Spin Echo (HSE)
  • Half Fourier (HFE)
  • Gradient Echo (GE)
  • 2D Gradient Echo
  • Multiple Spin Echo (ME)
  • Inversion Recovery (IR)
  • STIR
  • STIR T2 (for bone edema)
  • Gradient Echo STIR (GESTIR)
  • Turbo Spin Echo (TSE)
  • Turbo Multiple Echo (TME)
  • FSE (T1)
  • FSE (T2)
  • X-BONE (Fat and Water separation)
  • Turbo 3DT1
  • 3D SHARC
  • 3D SST1
  • 3D SST2


DICOM functionality

O-scan features full DICOM capabilities:

  • Storage: transmission of images to other modalities (workstations, PACS). Enabling the “Autosend” (also called “Auto-push”) function will automatically send all the images to the destination of choice without the need for operator interaction. Transmission rate depends on the Workstation type and Network speed
  • Media Exchange: for archiving images on a removable media (CD Rom or DVD), in DicomDir modality (“export” function)
  • Print management SCU: (for Dicom print)
  • Worklist Management: (S-scan accepts DICOM patient list directly from HIS/RIS).
  • Storage Commitment SCU (Push Model)
  • MPPS SCU (Modality Performed Procedure Step)
  • IHE compliant 


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