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Vet MR Grande Equine

The Vet-MR Grande Equine, a high performance veterinary MRI system that offers the smart solution for any veterinary practice that requires excellent diagnostic capabilities without having to rely on outside MRI providers.
Now available the eXP technological platform enhancement with new sequences, faster scanning times and enhanced image quality. 
The system has been purposely designed for veterinary applications with veterinary software, terminology and image orientation. The system provides a wide range of pre-programmed protocols that are optimised for veterinary requirements. It also offers the possibility to create customised protocols, according to specific clinical needs.
The Vet-MR Grande is an affordable investment with low total operating costs. There is no need for expensive cryogens and the system can be easily installed into an existing facility. It uses open, permanent magnet technology meaning power consumption is very low and it can be run from a standard power outlet. 
The Vet-MR Grande has a wide opening; ensuring animal handling is extremely easy, even for very large animals.
Patient positioning is made easier and quicker because of the real-time imaging tool located on the front of the magnet. It produces instant images and continuously visualises the area of interest. This allows the user to ensure the position of the patient is optimal before starting the scan. 
Patient monitoring is very easy as the animal is accessible during the exam reducing any risk for the patient. The Vet MR Grande allows you to use your existing anaesthesia equipment. 
The Vet-MR Grande Equine includes a complete set of dedicated receiving coils tailored for the most typically scanned anatomical regions. The dedicated coils maximise the scanners imaging performance. 
The Vet-MR Grande is fully DICOM compliant and offers smart solutions for connectivity and teleradiology.
IMOTEK has an ESAOTE factory trained service department which offers complete customer support for the Vet-MR Grande, from site planning to application training. 
  • Open, C Shaped, permanent magnet.
  • Magnet field: 0.25T
  • FOV: 250mm
  • Choice of shielding - Esaote Pavilion - Perforated RF cage design - allows viewing from anywhere outside the RF room. Or custom size RF shielded room
  • Minimum space requirements,  = less than 6m x 6m
  • Electrical requirements: 3 kW (single phase -220V)

Affordable Investment

  • No special cooling needed
  • Standard power requirements
  • Easy siting in existing facility

User Friendly

  • Fast & easy patient positioning
  • Continuous visualisation
  • Open construction for easy patient access
  • Veterinary protocol operating system

High Performance

  • High Performance equine coil family 
  • Excellent image quality
  • Full connectivity

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