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The Honda HS2100 is a portable, high resolution, black and white ultrasound system, incorporating the latest in imaging technologies into an economical, compact, user-friendly package. 

The HS-2100 has a large high quality LCD display providing a wide viewing angle. For ease of use the image occupies a large proportion of the screen.

There is a wide range of high density, multi-frequency transducers providing excellent image quality.

When combined a high frequency linear probe the HS-2100 is an ideal system for breast surgeons.

The USB port allows you to easily transfer images and video clips to your PC via memory stick.


  • Full digital system
  • Sharp and smooth H-res technology
  • 128 channel high resolution probes
  • Wide screen in a compact body
  • Patient database function
  • Moving image storage
  • Compact design easy to carry


Digital Front End

The HS-2100 is equipped with a fully digital front-end with pixel focusing and automatic adaptation of the aperture, depending on the selected depth. 

Multi Frequency Transducers

The HS-2100 can be equipped with the high density Honda probes with 128 channels. Several Multi frequency probes are available, allowing the use of the most optimal frequency for each specific examination. The frequency ranges from 2.8 to 12.5 MHz.

Double Transducer Connection 

Transducer selection is simply done by means of a key on the keyboard. This is not only a more comfortable way to select a probe, but it also prevents wear and tear of connector contacts.

Transducer Pre-sets

Every transducer can have its own pre-sets which will be determined by the user via the menu. Some of the possible adjustments are: Image Mode, Focus position, Amplification, Dynamic Range, H-res. As an addition every preset can be labelled with a meaningful name for extra user comfort.

Large 10.4 Inch Monitor

The large, 10.4 inch, high definition colour LCD display has a viewing angle of 170°. The contrast of the monitor is optimal for viewing of ultrasound images.

Cine Loop

The HS-2100 has a Cine Loop memory. In this Cine Loop memory 256 images can be stored. The Cine Loop can be reviewed automatically, frame by frame, or in slow motion.


The Total echo-amplification is adjusted by means of a rotary control. The individual adjustment per penetration zone can be adjusted by 8 slider controls. This allows the user to always set the amplification for optimal image quality.

Flash Memory

The HS-2100 is equipped with a Flash memory in which up to 100 images can be stored. This allows the user to record clinical images outside the practice for later review or printing via a video printer. As an addition the HS-2100 has a USB port via which the images can be stored on USB stick for later review via the scanner, or on any PC. 

Patient Database

For the comfort of the user and to prevent failures, the HS-2100 has a patient data base. This allows the possibility to store patient data and recall them for the next examination, thus preventing the hassle to once again type in the patient details.

Measuring Programs

The HS-2100 is equipped with a wealth of measuring possibilities. For OB/GYN several growth tables have been included.

Body Marks

A large number of body Marks can be selected for several medical applications. The HS-2100 even has the possibility to, where applicable, select either a left or right body mark, this is especially useful when examining e.g. a left and/or right shoulder.

Dynamic Range

The HS-2100 has a high Dynamic Range allowing for softer and more detailed images.

Transmit Focus

Maximum 4 focal zones can be selected at the same time, while the position and the separation of the focus zones can be adjusted. In the HS-2100 a large number of focal zones hardly affect the frame rate, unlike in other systems.

Dynamic Focus

Automatic receipt focus is standard in the HS-2100, this always combined with automatic aperture selection to get the best possible beam width all over the penetration depth.


Imotek holds a large stock of ultrasound equipment to enable quick and efficient delivery.

Our aim is to deliver your system as soon as possible.

The ultrasound will be hand delivered by one of our sales team who will provide system training on the day of delivery.

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