Ultrasound Accessories

Gel Warmers

Parker Laboratories THERMASONIC® Gel Warmers make warming standard 250g bottles of gel to body temperature prior to use very easy. A powerful heating element and Microprocessor control unit ensure the gel stays at the desired temperature, whilst the “Thermal Cut-off” provides additional protection from over-heating.

All units are manufactured from a durable, impact-resistant plastic composite that can be used either on a table top or wall mounted.


Parker Single Bottle Gel Warmer NDC-82-01-20CE

Parker Single Bottle Gel Warmer, for warming Ultrasound gel to body temperature.

Parker Triple Bottle Gel Warmer NDC-82-03-20CE

Parker Triple Bottle Gel Warmer for warming Ultrasound Gel.

Parker Triple Bottle Gel Warmer with LCD Screen NDC-83-03-20CE

Parker Triple Bottle Gel Warmer with LCD Screen, warms gel to room temperature for use when conducting Ultrasounds.

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