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SAVE when you trade in your old Sony UP-21MD/UP-D21MD colour printer for a new Sony Medical Grade Printer!

Many theatre and endoscopy systems still use the A6 Sony UP-21MD/UP-D21MD colour printers which were discontinued back in 2010. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and repair these printers due to the decreasing availability of spare parts. 


Based on this, Imotek are pleased to announce our new A6 Colour Printer Trade-In Scheme, providing a cost effective solution for replacing your old Sony UP-21MD or UP-D21MD colour printers.


New Sony UP-25MD/UP-D25MD

Sony List Price

Trade-in Discount

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The UP-25MD/UP-D25MD are high quality printers designed for medical applications. They are a direct replacement model and feature a variety of analogue and digital video inputs for standard definition as well as high definition signals and are compatible with a wide range of medical imaging devices.


The printer’s photo-quality dye sublimation technology ensures that prints are durable and long-lasting. Colours can be adjusted to match monitor output and to optimise colour accuracy. As it uses the UPC-21L and UPC-21S print packs there would be no need to change from your existing media.

If you are interested and would like any more information then please contact us on 01487 843193 ext 2 or E-Mail

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