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Sony HVO-500MD Recorder

The new HVO-500MD HD medical video recorder with simultaneous internal and external recording.

Sony HVO-550MD Recorder

The new Sony HVO-550MD recorder for recording on USB, NAS and DVD.

Sony VMI-40MD Image Multiplexer

Sony VMI-40MD image multiplexer recorder for viewing of up to 4 images simultaneously.

Sony HVO-500MD (Full HD Version) Recorder

The new Full HD HVO-500MD recorder for USB and NAS external media.

Sony HVO-550MD (Full HD Version) Recorder

The new Full HD HVO-550MD recorder for USB, NAS and DVD external media.

Sony HVO-500MD (Surgical Version) Recorder

The new Surgical HVO-500MD recorder with image capture specifically for surgical needs.

Sony HVO-1000MD Recorder

HD Medical Video Recorder designed to record pristine video and images

Sony DVO-1000MD Recorder

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The DVO-1000MD is a  medical DVD recorder with a built in hard drive.

Sony HVO-3000MT Recorder

The HVO-3000MT is a medical grade video recorder, capable of recording and playback of both 3D and 2D images.

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