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Sony DXC-990P Camera

The Sony DXC-990P is no longer available as it has been discontinued by the manufacturer however, we will continue to service and supply the print media where possible.


Please see the related products for alternative models.

  • Superior picture quality -1/2 type Exwave™HAD Technology-
  • The DXC-990/P/MD incorporate newly developed three 1/2 type IT CCD sensors using Exwave™HAD technology with 380,000/ 440,000 effective picture elements. Thanks to the adoption of Exwave™HAD technology, high sensitivity of F11 at 2,000 lux can be achieved while the smear level drastically reduces. This permits pictures of the highest quality to be captured in difficult lighting conditions. In addition to this sensor, a new processing circuit gives excellent S/N ratio of 63dB/ 62dB (NTSC/ PAL) and high horizontal resolution of 850TV lines.
  • New DSP functions: DynaLatitude TM, DCC+, Black Stretch, Partial Enhance
  • a) DynaLatitude function
  • The DynaLatitude manages the contrast of each pixel according to a histogram of video signal level distribution in order to utilise the limited dynamic range of the video signal standard.
  • b) DCC+ or Dynamic Contrast Control Plus
  • In conventional RGB processing, some non-linear signal processing such as white clip and knee correction can result in hue factor distortion – a phenomenon that is particularly obvious in extreme highlight conditions. This problem is virtually eliminated by this function, which manages video signal data at three levels - brightness, hue, and saturation. 
  • c) Knee
  • Three modes for conventional knee function are provided such as High, Normal and Low. The Low mode is a lower knee point and gentle knee slope are available so that an area of highlight in the picture can be reproduced more clearly.
  • d) Black Stretch
  • Contrast in the black area of the image can be variably adjusted using the Black Stretch/Compress Control function. Black Stretch emphasises contrast in the dark area, while Black Compress enhances or deepens darkness.
  • e) Linear matrix
  • The linear matrix function provides sophisticated electronic adjustments for accurate colour reproduction without changing the white balance of the whole image. This is ideal particularly in the medical applications, which require good colour reproduction. 
  • f) Digital Detail
  • The detail function of the DXC-990/P/MD adjusts sharpness of object outlines with minimal noise using digital technology. The DXC-990/P/MD has a unique detail function that the horizontal Detail Frequency can be controlled such as High, Mid and Low modes according to the user’s preference. 
  • g) Partial Enhance
  • Partial Enhance function allows a particular colour to be selected, and its hue, saturation and detail altered. This function gives the subject a pleasing complexion with a softer image, while maintaining the sharpness of other areas, and vice versa.
  • Versatile white balance
  • The DXC-990/P/MD has six types of white balance control modes – AWB (one-push), ATW Normal, ATW Wide, MANU, 3200K and 5600K to meet a wide range of operational conditions. 
  • a) AWB
  • AWB memorised by pushing WHITE button is available on the DXC-990/P/MD. Besides, the DXC-D990/P/MD has new functions that the area is adjustable like AE function.
  • b) ATW
  • ATW means adjustment the white balance automatically in response to varying light conditions.
  • c) MANU
  • White balance can be adjusted using the red and blue gain level controls in accordance with user requirement manually. 
  • d) Preset 3200K/5600K
  • There are two preset modes, colour temperature 3200K/ 5600K as white balance
  • New AE functions: User defined light metering area, Selectable AE speed, Wide range
  • a) AE functions for a wide range of incoming light level
  • The AGC circuit is equivalent to an increase of a four F-stop in sensitivity. By operating these functions and the AUTO IRIS function together, an even wider range of incoming light levels can be automatically accommodated.
  • b) Limit value of AGC and CCD-IRIS
  • The AE functions of this camera have a wider range of incoming light conditions. However, sometimes AGC or CCD-IRIS cause noisy picture or flicker. 
  • c) Light metering system
  • Users can see the object under appropriate light condition if setting the light metering area according to the area to be observed defined by users the users manually. 
  • d) Selectable AE speed
  • The action speed of AE function can be selected so that users need suitable speed for their application under any varying lighting condition. 
  • f) AE level 
  • Users can adjust finely the focusing point of Auto-iris, CCD IRIS and AGC functions with this AE level function. Therefore, the DXC-990/P/MD assures high picture quality under any lighting condition.
  • Genlock capability (VBS, HD/VD)
  • The DXC-990/P/MD can be synchronised with a VBS or a BS signal from other equipment and includes an SC and H phase adjustment control. HD/VD sync signals also accepted, therefore Genlock is very useful in multiple camera operation and connection with Frame Grabber Board.
  • On-screen menu
  • The on-screen menu makes adjustment operations simple and efficient while looking at the object image. It can be set various camera control functions by the buttons on the camera rear panel or the optional RM-C950 Remote Control Unit. The function menu can be displayed on a monitor using RGB, Y/C, and component or composite video signal outputs. 
  • As a result, we improved the menu-controlled method: the sub menu screens are divided into seven groups for easy setup; Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, Enhance, General, System and Scene File.
  • Medical Safety Standard
  • To secure safety required in medical field, such as use with a surgery microscope, the DXC-990/P satisfies three medical safety standards as follows by the only combination with CMA-D2MD/CE. 
  • UC model: UL544, CSA125
  • CE model: EN60601-1-1
  • Remote control unit of ease to use
  • The RM-C950, remote control unit can remotely control all functions of the DXC-990/P/MD, along with zoom, focus and iris functions. Frequently used camera functions such as gain, detail, master pedestal and red and blue gain, are easily controlled by just turning a knob or pressing a button without displaying a menu-screen on a monitor. Thanks to this function, users can adjust the image while concentrating on pictures. 
  • The DXC-990/P/MD communicates with the RM-C950 through an 8-pin MINI DIN of CMA-D3/CE or direct connection.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Newly developed ICs and extensive use of high packing density technology make the DXC-990/P/MD remarkably compact and lightweight. The dimensions are 70(W) x72 (H) x123.5 (D) mm and weight is less than 630g. The size and weight are almost same as DXC-950/P/970MD. It is smaller than other competitors’ 1/2 type bayonet mount camera. Thanks to its compactness, it can be easily installed even where space is at a premium and in elevated or other awkward environments.
  • Microscope Adapter
  • The MVA-41A, microscope adapter, which was designed for video camera incorporated 1/2 type CCD, is available for the DXC-990/P/MD. The MVA-41A was designed for 3CCD camera as well as for 1CCD camera with excellent optical performance.
  • Motorised remote control lens* 
  • *not supplied, adaptable lenses
  • The VCL-714BXEA and VCL-717BXEA, which are motorised remote control lenses with original cable, are prepared for the DXC-990/P/MD. The VCL-714BXEA is a 14 times zoom lens manufactured by Fujinon and the VCL-717BXEA is a 17x zoom lens manufactured by Canon. User are able to select a lens to meet the their application. Both lenses have high quality for 3CCD camera, and these are suitable for the remote camera system. The control functions such as zoom, focus and iris are controlled by RM-C950 or PC.


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