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Our full service contract is specifically designed for high use MRI users, providing three scheduled service visit per year and covering all labour costs for emergency call outs, and parts*.

The scheduled preventative maintenance visits will include:

  • Replacement of defective or worn out parts *
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Full system functionality test to manufacturers specification including static magnet field homogeneity checks and adjustments if required.
  • Routine quality checks including signal to noise measurements, uniformity measurements, linearity and geometric distortion adjustments and RF shield checks
  • Full inspection of all MRI Coils including cables, connectors, casings and electronic LNA’s
  • Software and firmware upgrades
  • Electrical Safety Check

*Please see attached document for full contract specifications and exclusions.

At Imotek we have an increasing team of authorised service engineers ready to help with any query. They understand the technology of our imaging devices, and because they are factory-trained, they are uniquely qualified to solve any service issue and provide peace of mind by ensuring that your system is working within the manufacturer's specification.

We hold a large number of spare parts and have full factory support. We are confident to be able to fix the majority of problems on site minimising the time the system is out of use.

Contract price will depend on the system, specification and coils to be covered. Please use the REQUEST A QUOTATION box to contact us for pricing.


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