Medical Equipment


Sony UP-DR80MD Printer

High-quality, highly durable A4 colour printer for medical application.

Sony UP-X898MD Printer

The hybrid successor to the 897 printer series, it is a compact A6 black and white medical grade printer.

Sony UP-D898MD Printer

The successor to the UP-D897MD, it is a compact A6 medical grade black and white printer.

Sony UP-25MD Printer

A compact, durable, high quality analogue A6 Dye Sublimation Printer for use in medical applications.

Sony UP-D25MD Printer

A6 Digital Colour Printer for medical applications

Sony UP-991AD Printer

The successor to the UP-990AD, it is a hybrid black and white & blue film A4 printer, which accepts both analog...

Mitsubishi P93DW Printer

Black and White Mitsubishi Digital Medical Printer, prints on A6 print media at High-Speed. NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO...

Mitsubishi CP-900E Printer

Mitsubishi Colour Medical Printer, printed in Colour on A6 print media. NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO ORDER

Sony UP-D711MD Printer

A7 Digital Black and White Thermal Printer

Sony  UP-D898DC Printer

The UP-D898DC is a compact A6 medical grade black and white digital printer, operating on a 12-24V DC power source...

Durico ULSTAR-1100HD

High Density thermal paper fully compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi Black and White Thermal A6 Printers.

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