Price Match Promise

Found a lower price for the same product? Let IMOTEK try to beat it with our Price Match Promise!

Our Price Match Promise is a promise that we will try to match, or beat, any legitimate price for a product that you have seen cheaper elsewhere.

Imotek always tries to keep our prices as low as possible, but it's inevitable that someone will try to offer one better. As a result we will aim to match any other prices, if not better them. We can not, and do not, guarantee we can beat all prices, but we will do our very best to try!

On top of our Price-match Promise, you will benefit from our Free Expert Advice and Technical Support.

How to get a Price Match

Simply contact our Sales Team by email, phone, or via our website and ask us for a price match.

Then inform us where you have seen the item cheaper. If another supplier has provided a better quote, just send us a copy. Please ensure you also send us your full contact details.

We will require 3 pieces of information in order to provide our price-match:

  1. The item and model number (must be identical brand and model)
  2. Price of the item (Excluding delivery charges and VAT)
  3. The Suppliers details, name, address, telephone number etc.

We will then confirm to you our price-match in writing, so you'll have it in black and white for when you're ready to order.

Terms & Conditions:

Our Price-Match Promise is subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • To price-match, we must be satisfied that the products in question are identical.
  • Our price-match promise applies only to other retailers that have the identical product in stock or immediately available and the product is priced correctly and accurately.
  • Prices are compared excluding delivery charges.
  • Prices are compared excluding Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • We do not price-match with special offers, promotions, discount vouchers and/or product-bundle pricing.
  • Our price-match promise does not apply to ex-demonstration stock, refurbished products or products that are not new.
  • Price matching is only considered for companies based within the UK. We do not price-match retailers that are based, operate or source the required product from outside of the UK.
  • We only price-match prices or quotations of bona fide companies. Prices of competitors offering so called grey or parallel imported products or goods will not be considered for price-matching.
  • Our price-match promise does not apply to products and/or goods offered on auction websites
  • Any decision whether or not to price-match is at the discretion of Imotek International Ltd. We reserve the right to refuse any price-match request and under no circumstances do we have a legal obligation to price-match.
  • Our price-match promise may be subject to change without notice at any time.
  • Items that have been price-matched are not eligible for additional discounts.
  • Price matching is not available on Buy One, Get One Free items.
  • Price matching is not available on previously placed orders.
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