Importance of Regular Equipment Servicing by Manufacturer Approved Service Centres.

Imotek have recently joined the few elite companies worldwide, authorised to carry out inhouse repairs on the latest range of Esaote ultrasound equipment.

This eliminates the need for Imotek customers, with a system from the current Esaote range, to return the unit to the factory in Italy for repair.

Daniel Green, Imotek Service Manager, discusses the importance of regular servicing;

Why is regular servicing important?

Primarily it’s about us helping you to protect your investment. Regular servicing of your system can make the difference between it running smoothly and efficiently, and the risk of it breaking down and incurring an unexpected repair. Servicing also helps to minimise potential system down-time which can result in loss of your scanning service and revenue.

It can be a false economy to avoid regular servicing, since expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance, can fast become a costly major repair or replacement if it is not addressed.

What happens during the service visit?

During your pre-booked appointment, an ESAOTE factory certified engineer will visit your premises.  They will have with them; all the correct service tools, software and hardware keys to perform the service or repair to the manufacturers specification.  They will test all of the functions of the system and probes and perform any required software/firmware updates.

Comprehensive safety tests are carried out on all items to the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 62353. This standard is in place to ensure that medical electrical equipment is intrinsically safe for both user and patient.

A service report is provided detailing all work carried out along with any recommendations for repair or replacement of any worn or defective parts.

Why use IMOTEK service department?

IMOTEK are the sole authorised service agent of ESAOTE Veterinary products in the UK.  Only our engineers have been trained and certified at the Esaote factories in Italy and the Netherlands to provide service, calibrations and repairs on your system. This makes us UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to solve any problem that may arise.  We have full manufacturer support, with all the latest software, manuals, technical notes and direct access to the factory including R&D. At our warehouse and workshop facilities in Cambridgeshire we hold all spare parts for all of the current range of scanners.

Do you have an example/case study of why servicing is so important?

One issue that can arise from systems not being regularly serviced is the build-up of dust and hair within the system electronics.

This can lead to the clogging of internal air vents potentially causing overheating. As with all modern electronic equipment temperature control is essential for optimal system performance.

Attached is a picture taken during a recent service visit.

As you can see, there was a large collection of dust and hair blocking the ventilation holes, which allow the air to flow over and cool the circuit boards.

Although the customer had not yet experienced any overheating problems, it was clear that this could be a potential issue in the near future if the system had not had its service.

Imotek have a range of service options available from pay as you go billable service up to fully comprehensive cover. Imotek service contracts offer a range of benefits including an annual onsite service visit, all labour costs for unlimited emergency call outs, and a discount on parts and probes.

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