Imotek announce the new MyLab™Delta

The Esaote MyLab™Delta is a new, robust and easy to clean portable system

With features never before seen on a Mylab™ ultrasound system, the Delta truly has been designed to meet the needs of the modern vet.


The robust build quality includes 13inch of Gorilla glass screen, strengthening of the system chassis and a splash-proof casing. The sealed keyboard safeguards against hair, dust, gel and other external contaminants.


All aspects have been designed to ensure reliable operation in the field, offering peace of mind that the system is suitable for the unpredictable veterinary practitioner’s environment.

The system covers all applications with impressive image quality. The veterinary specific software is easy and intuitive to use. It can be easily upgraded with colour Doppler, spectral Doppler and offers complete cardiac capabilities.

For further information, call or email Imotek today; 01487 843193 /

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