CardioPad Mini Feedback from Customer

"We have used the CardioPad Mini for several weeks now, and are extremely pleased with the results. Its sleek and compact design mean it can be used anywhere in our practice, from kennels to consult, without getting in the way and causing clutter. The machine itself is a doddle to use, it is on in seconds, and the display is crystal clear. Once you set up the presets you prefer it is even better, and anyone who owns a smart phone can configure this machine with ease. The design is exceptional, allowing it to be used in a number of settings. So far we have had most use as a piece of monitoring equipment for anaesthesia and acute emergencies, but it will also record ecg traces for investigative purposes. The system allows you to watch for a moment of interest before printing as it has a memory of the last 10 seconds. This means you can pre-empt VPCs and the like, without wasting reams of paper. The print quality is also superb direct from the handset. Even better than this for us was the ability to use it in a paperless fashion for 90%+ of the cases we see. The machine will archive and export directly to our server across our computer network, from where it can be placed quickly onto the patient's record for archiving or emailed to colleagues for a second opinion - or straight onto a USB flash drive if you prefer. The only draw back as far as we can see is that the 'auto measurements' are preset for humans - but what serious cardiologist uses these anyway? For anyone who wants a versatile, well made, easy to use ecg, that doesn't need a laptop or a forest of paper to run it, this is without doubt the machine for you. Top marks"

- John Mather, Greenbay Vets

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