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Imotek is an established privately owned business formed in 1985. The original company Imotek Technical Services, provided specialist service support for medical diagnostic equipment. Imotek International Ltd. was started shortly after in 1986 due to demand from our customers to supply new and replacement equipment. Both companies merged 2001 and began trading as Imotek.

Today Imotek offers a complete and comprehensive range of Veterinary ultrasound and MRI, video printers and imaging peripherals for medical and veterinary applications. Imoteks experienced and fully trained sales and support teams ensure our high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained.

Located in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, the extensive office and distribution facility provides Imotek International with the ability to warehouse their ever expanding product range, providing a service that you can rely on for your needs.

Imotek and Esaote 

Imotek are the exclusive provider of Esaote Veterinary ultrasound and MRI products, for the UK and Ireland. 

Esaote has been active in the field of veterinary diagnostic imaging for over 25 years and is a worldwide leader in this specialised field. From imaging for wildlife preservation projects to caring for the family pet, Esaote offers animal healthcare providers integrated solutions to their imaging needs.

Environmental Statement

Imotek comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations that relate to its environmental aspects. Prevent pollution wherever possible and practicable, by the use of non-polluting techniques and practices. Imotek will improve the management of energy, resources', raw materials and emissions in all activities, especially travel and transportation and encourage other organizations and suppliers to do likewise. We will also improve the management of waste through minimization, re-use and recycling.

Quality Control Accreditation

We have been independently assessed and meet the internationally recognized standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015



Quality Policy Statement

Imotek International Ltd is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery and value. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a profitable business culture that is based on the following principles:


·         IMOTEK is established as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of equipment and consumable products to the medical industry, we recognise the need for our customer service to be fast, reliable and to achieve the highest standards.


·         IMOTEK will ensure that all activities that affect the quality of its products and services are carried out under carefully controlled conditions.


·         IMOTEK will ensure that it meets or exceeds all customer and regulatory requirements.


·         IMOTEK will monitor and analyse all customer feedback including complaints and use this information to improve its products and services. By seeking feedback from customers Imotek aims to implement a programme of continuous improvement.


·         IMOTEK is committed to providing continuous instruction and training to all staff and to review performance regularly in order to promote quality awareness and staff development.

·         IMOTEK is committed to supporting the communities within which we operate.

·         IMOTEK believes in the practice of social responsibility and encourages similar behaviour in our employees and suppliers.

·         IMOTEK supports the conservation of the physical environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities.

·         IMOTEK proactively complies with all applicable safety, environmental, legal and regulatory requirements. The quality policy provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives at its management review meetings.

·         IMOTEK will ensure that it implements and maintain a Quality Policy that includes a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system.

·         IMOTEK will make the Quality Policy available on request to interested external parties and distribute it internally throughout the organisation. 

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